United Biometrics secures wallet payment at Vivatech on Orange Booth


As to show off United Biometrics’ Multi-Modal biometric authenticator that is compliant with the GDPR European directive, United Biometrics has specifically developed, for Vivatech to Orange Lab , a demo Wallet application. This application fully supports the PSD2 European directive, which requires strong 2FA. The application calls upon United Biometrics’ Multi-Modal biometric authenticator when a user:

  • Performs a bank transfer between accounts
  • Purchases items

Here is the list of functionalities supported by the Wallet application:

  • Create a user account with simple Username/Password authentication
  • Add/Remove bank cards
  • Perform transfers between bank accounts
  • Scan product QR codes
  • Add products to a shopping cart
  • Purchase items in the shopping cart
  • Simple username/password authentication when purchases/transfers are below 50€
  • Biometric authentication using the United Biometrics Multi-Modal biometric authenticator in respect with the PSD2 when purchases/transfers are higher than 50€


Video description:

The short video made contains a brief description of the products delivered by United Biometrics and a demo of the wallet application described above. The video shows the purchase of an item using simple username/password authentication followed by the pairing and use of the United Biometrics Multi-Modal biometric authenticator in accordance to the PSD2 directive.

**Full presentations can run on request by United biometrics**


Note: Our solution has been performing for database fully loaded for an International European Bank with the full set of Biometrics.

We can reach many thousand transaction/second and sustain a complete secure Bank flow.


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