United Biometrics integrates Dual Authenticator into Tactilon Dabat, the world’s first smartphone and full TETRA radio in one device

Dual Authenticator secures critical communications: it features two or more biometric authenticators to identify persons, played from a multi-biometric carousel.


Privacy is protected by protecting personal authentication data through Anonymous authentication.

Multiple biometric authenticators are providing highest security features with Multiple-factor authenticators – biometric and behavioural. This is done with the Tactilon Dabat smartphone.

Dual Authenticator is featuring an additional level of security with Double-step authentication on Tactilon Dabat smartphone plus on a remote server.

Solution supports multiple operating Systems and devices, incl. tablets, smartphones and PCs.(Android, iOS, Windows).


Typical uses for Dual Authenticator

  • Superior protection for Mission and Business critical applications targeted by cyber-attacks and hackers: Police and Military applications
  • Central security systems protection
  • Network access protection
  • National citizen data
  • National health data
  • Government portals
  • Government database servers
  • IoT for healthcare














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