United Biometrics delivers premium cyber-security solutions
on IBM Cloud Bluemix complementary with IBM Security suite.
United Biometrics solutions can also be deployed directly on Customer Premises.


bank, insurance & e-commerce
bank, insurance & e-commerce

Strong biometric authentication for all financial transactions, mobile payments, and e-shoppers.


Strong biometric authentication for the Factory 4.0, the IT control-command room, and critical client applications.


Strong biometric authentication for corporate portals, the payment factory, Cloud applications, and sensitive data.


Strong biometric authentication for government portals, citizen data, and official documents.

Our security suite engine offers superior protection for critical digital applications, sensitive networks, big data, Internet of Things and blockchain by providing strong, local and/or remote biometric-based authentication.

Our anti-fraud multi-biometric & behavioural authentication platform is available on all operating systems and all mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, and desktops.

Dual Authenticator suite is available on IBM Bluemix for mobile users (smartphone & tablet) – it features two biometric authenticators or more to your choice, played from our Biometric carousel.

Single Sign-On Authenticator is the product available for desktop users – it features a biometric dynamic authentication on key strokes.
Existing products won numerous awards for best technology and best solution against cyber-fraud and cyber-crime.

Data Desensitization: At United Biometrics we care about your personal data. In our process all data are stored in a Desensitized format, preventing the possibility to reverse engineering your biometrics.
Our solutions support European directives PSD2 and GDPR in a native way.



Our solutions are based on the use of a mobile terminal – smartphone, tablet – a PC and/or a smart card whose holder is authenticated through a control carried out by means of biometric sensors embedded on such terminals (fingerprint sensor, camera, microphone), in a real time transaction process.

A key advantage of United Biometrics’ solutions are that the biometric data is answering to GDPR by two different and complementary processes, data is stored anonymously, and data itself is desensitized and stored in a non-reverse-engineering format. With this process, if hackers enter the database, they will neither be able to attach the stolen biometric information to individuals, nor being able to use it. Furthermore, if you use the behavioural biometrics offered by United Biometrics solution, such behavioural biometrics can be changed on demand.

At United Biometrics, we have also ensured that our solutions are compliant with the new European Directive PSD2 which requires at least 2 strong authentication factors (2FA), and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) for protection of personal and private data.

What’s more, we have succeeded in covering all types of biometrics – for example: fingerprint, face, voice recognition, as well as behavioural revocable biometrics to offer better flexibility, security and ultimately ergonomy for the user.

We offer secure payment authentication for the following cases involving cyber-attacks and terrorism intrusion against bank security systems, critical and vital applications, network access management, critical data servers.


strong authentication

Our security suite of products and services offers industry leading solutions to counter the increasing fraud and intrusion, by offering a strong anti-spoof multi-biometric authentication for the corporate user.
The solution is architected on 3 key very innovative combined components:

1. Multi-factor biometric and behavioural authenticators
During the connection to a secured space, the user is invited to authenticate thanks to his physical or behavioural characteristics pertaining to every individual such as fingerprint, voice, face, secret path on the screen, keyboard dynamics, etc. The software solution can then select one or more biometries an play them at random for more security.

2. Double-step biometric authentication process
United Biometrics’ authentication software performs a double authentication: the first one compared with the data stored on the mobile terminal and, the second compared with the data stored on the external servers.

3. Anonymous and encrypted database
During the authentication process, all stored data are de facto unusable in case of hacking tentative because there is neither personal data nor biometrics data stored. Furthermore, the encryption is definitely preventing from restoring a clean copy of the stored data to identify a person.

4. Data Desensitization
At United Biometrics we care about your Biometric sensitive data and if we store them, they are stored in a desensitized format, securing storage, transport back-up, and all our engineering process.


Corporate secure access biometrics single sign-on

Corporate employees will use a “biometric” single sign on to log-in on the VPN or on corporate portals, to access their web applications in the Cloud or on-premise applications, across all devices – smartphones, tablets and desktops.


LDAP – Lightweight Directory Access Protocol – play a key role today within all type of organizations in connecting security, devices and users.

United Biometrics integrates and connects to LDAP to provide biometric authentication in combination with the password or in replacement to the password. In addition to behavioural solutions analyzing how users are navigating, and what pages are browsed, what data and software are accessed, a formal authentication, for logging into an application, else for processing a financial transaction, is needed to complement existing security solutions.

United Biometrics provide an LDAP support to reinforce else replace the old logging/password. Implementing a strong multi-factor SSO authentication with United Biometrics’ solution integrated to LDAP means increased security for both the organization and the user.

United Biometrics’ SSO with LDAP integration sets a new standard for ease of use by employees of bank, insurance, e-Commerce, industry, corporate and government segments.

UNITED BIOMETRICS SINGLE SIGN-ON can be accessed through :

  • A standard PC using keystroke dynamics, or face and voice recognition solution,
  • A smartphone or a Pad (iOS/ANDROID) using the Biometric carousel United Biometrics is offering from Face, Voice, Fingerprint, Keylock Pattern (touch screen),
  • A 2FA2 strong Authentication Factors –  is therefore easy to implement on any device.

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