Pay by Voice, Pay by Face ?

Pay by Voice, Pay by Face? United Biometrics is a key player in mobile security.

United Biometrics proposes a user-friendly solution to authenticate smartphone users for mobile payments and access to protected applications.

As a matter of fact biometric authentication is among the strongest technologies to protect mobile shopping and mobile transactions: it is definitely a real effective mean to stop hackers and cyber-criminality.

How it works?

A cardholder can enroll several biometrics (2 are recommended) on his smartphone terminal and use them to protect his payment during a mobile transaction. The biometric multi-factor carrousel runs on any smartphone, tablet and PC on iOS/Android/Windows with Face recognition, Voice recognition, Lock Pattern Behavioral, Fingerprint, Keystroke Dynamics.

Great benefits from European PSD2 and GDPR compliance.

Consumers can now raise the bar of security with a possession factor and strong biometric authenticators.

Using multi-biometric authentication for a payment or a transaction is a very strong security factor to certify that the person using the card and the entitled cardholder are a same and a unique digital entity.

The United Biometrics authentication is completely anonymous and the data is desensitized to highly protect privacy of users.


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