Face Authentication For Banking

Many works have been done in the scientific literature in the field of biometric authentication. Most of time, it concerns the definition an algorithm mainly based on image processing and pattern recognition techniques. To be used in a real context for transactions, many problems have to be solved such as the security or material aspects. Some solutions have been proposed using smart cards for example. In this paper, we propose to analyze the use of a biometric information for financial transactions. Biometrics is used in the authentication process. The objective is to facilitate it and to limit banking frauds.

This paper is organized as follows. In section two, we detail the general scheme of the transaction process. We illustrate the authentication methods we can use within this context. Section three presents the general concepts of biometric authentication. A face recognition method we developed for authentication is then detailed. Experimental results of this method are given. We conclude and give some perspectives of this work in section four.

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