About United Biometrics

Become a leading player in digital authentication across all sectors enabling banks, corporations and governments to protect their applications, data and network access.

Headquarted in Paris-Saclay valley, United Biometrics’ was founded to develop authentication and access management software products for mobile and fix devices to solve serious security challenges such as fraud, cyber-attacks and terrorism intrusions. United Biometrics offers to its customers a strong authentication platform based on multi- biometry factors i.e. biometries such as fingerprint, voice, face, and behavioural biometries such as secret path, keyboard dynamics.

Today, our company help organizations to protect their critical applications such as payment platforms, mobile payments, on-line banking portals, financial IT assets, data centers, IoT, Factory 4.0 and the blockchain. The suite of products marketed is fully compliant with the new European Directive PSD2 – at least 2 authentication factors and GDPR – protection of private data.

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